Mumbler Reviews Crawley

Mumbler Reviews: Toddlebike – the pre-balance bike

I really want my children to be able to use balance bikes. The prospect of not having to deal with stabilisers when learning to ride a bike is a big draw for us, as I worried that my elder son, Jacob, would give up when he fell over a few times (much like I did – I didn’t end up learning to ride a bike until my 20s!) It was  slow road getting Jacob to use a balance bike, and our house is full of different types of bikes, trikes and ride-ons that we went through.

I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of doing it all again with Lucas, so I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to try out the Toddlebike2, as it seemed like it would really help Lucas move from big clunky ride ons to a two-wheeled balance bike at his own pace.



Mumbler Review – Drusillas Park

Earlier this year, Drusillas bid goodbye to Thomas the Tank Engine and welcomed in a new African-themed attraction, Go Safari! Their biggest ever attraction, Go Safari features three rides – the  Safari Express train, Hippopotobus and the Flying Cheetahs.

Last month, we were invited to visit Drusillas to see what we thought of the new attraction and the rest of the Park.



Songs and gentle stroking: Roots & Wings online baby massage course

Local mum of 2 Alexia has been offering baby massage classes since 2013, and has now created an online video course to allow even more parents to use massage to connect with their babies from the comfort of their own home. Guest blogger, Ruth, recently tried out the new course and tells us what she thought.


Baby massage is one of those unexpected things about living with a new little ‘un. The idea of acting as personal masseur to a newborn had honestly never crossed my mind until I had one to look after, and then suddenly the idea seemed to be everywhere. (more…)

Mumbler Review: Diggerland Kent


Diggerland – fun for kids of all ages!!

I’ve wanted to go to Diggerland for ages, but have been waiting until my son was a little older so that he would be able to go on a few more of the rides. My husband was also very excited by the prospect of getting to drive a real JCB, so when we were offered the opportunity to go to Diggerland for this review, we jumped at the chance.


Mumbler Review – Imagineville

As the mother of a fairly headstrong little boy who never really liked to take directions (unless it’s something he was going to do anyway), I have kind of got used to him doing his own thing at baby and toddler classes/groups. Many a time I’ve been singing along with the nursery rhymes on my own while he hides behind curtains or runs round the room shouting loudly. Whilst I know no other mums would blink an eye at a disruptive toddler (is there in fact any other kind!), once I had my second child, it sometime felt like a lot of hassle to get to a group knowing there was only a 50:50 chance the Mini Mumbler would participate.

Imagineville is very different, however. Whilst it runs in 90 minute sessions, like you might expect from a toddler group, there is no structured activity. Instead, this role play centre has numerous different areas, complete with lots of toys and props to let your little one’s imagination lead the way. (more…)

Mumbler Review – Daisy First Aid

I first took a child first aid course when I was 17 years old, which is more years ago than I care to admit. Luckily, I never needed to use the skills I learnt, but when I had my children, I started to think that it was probably time to refresh my memory. After all, whilst we hope never to need these critical skills, knowing what to do if your child, or anyone else, is choking or unconscious could save someone’s life. So when I heard that a new branch of Daisy First Aid was opening in Crawley, I knew it was time to book myself on a course, and I’m so glad I did.

I opted for one of Daisy First Aid’s at home courses, which is a 2 hour course in the comfort of your own living room – great to do if you’ve got young children around, or if you have a group of people that would like to learn together.